Pyramid Data Tip of the Day - Metadata Tooltips and Clickthrough

Video of the Day – Metadata Tooltips and Clickthrough

Our video of the day looks at metadata tooltips and click through in the Formulate app.

When working in the Formulate script editor, existing custom formulations can be added to the script from the Metadata panel. These formulations are displayed by the Pyramid ID. The new metadata tooltip reveals the formula name, formula type, folder path, and formula creator. You can also use the clickthrough function to open formulations and see exactly what they do.

Metadata tooltips are displayed when hovering over a custom formulation ID in the script, revealing the item name, its folder location, who created it, the create date, modification date, item ID, and formula type. So, using the metadata tooltip, you can easily see what formulation is in the script, who made it, and where it’s located. 

 The clickthrough function lets you open the selected formula in the relevant graphical user interface (GUI) by holding Ctrl and clicking on the Item ID. You can then view and edit the formula in its corresponding editor. This makes understanding the PQL script much easier for anyone working with formulate.

How to work with the Metadata Panel in Formulate

Watch this short video to learn about metadata tooltips and clickthrough. Click here for more details in our Help Pages.


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    Cool, I didn't know this feature yet.
    Very handy!