Pyramid Explore #5 - tree or no tree

The End of the year is getting closer. Time to wrap up things and parcels. And to give you something to puzzle on over the Holidays.

Well its tradition, but is it really as traditional as you think? In this Challenge we look at the changing buying habits around Christmas Trees. Is a green tree enough, or should it be a real tree?

We are starting with a very small dataset.

Simple 4 Columns and 13 Lines of Data. You say WHAT, this is not enough...

But lets think, how could we display the development? If Plastic Trees are reusable, should the values be cumulated? What are the forecasts for trees?

Need more information on the Page to build a Dashboard? Use Tabulate to add more data.

I found this Page with more information on christmas trees for example: https://www.pickyourownchristmastree.org/christmas_tree_statistics.php
or Wikipedia? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christmas_tree 

What are we looking for?

Go wild on the Graphics, show us all you can do to display the data differently. Tell us a great story.

Can you beat your colleague with a smarter, smoother, funnier, uglier Dashboard.

You can find the Data Set as usual as a Data Source in Explore Pyramid