Pyramid Explore #4 - The best ways to watch a horror movie

 With Halloween coming closer and closer, its time to open the creaking door to our next Data Set on the Explore Server. And as you might have guessed, its simply a horror show of a Data Set.

Welcome to the Pyramid Horror Movie Challenge

So what is this all about? For this Challenge   and  have found a Data Set containing thousands of Horror Movies, with plenty of details you can nerd about. Look down at the bottom of the well, so to speak.

You can find the original Dataset here: IMDB Horror Movie Dataset

It is licensed under Creative Commons 4.0

You can find the Data Set as usual as a Data Source in Explore Pyramid

What are we looking for?

As usual we want to tickle your creativity playing and experimenting with Pyramid 2023. Our suggestions are just starting points. Find your own spin on this, SAW and Dice the Data. Become an Exorcist and extract the last bit of blood hidden in the Tables.

But also, be a clown and find the hidden fun stories. Build a SHINING Dashboard and publish it in the Public Sector so we can get our JAWS into it and review it.

So let us give you a red balloon and set you off with the HorrorMovies Challenge

What could you look at?

We don't know, but may be start with the Horror Movie Stats

  1. Top Budget Films
  2. Top Horror Movie Genres
  3. Which years produced the most horror movies
  4. Which years produced the best horror movies
  5. Which countries release the most horror movies
  6. Are there any particular locations where horror movies are mostly produced or filmed?

Boring, right? You can find a better story.

What else? 

Our favorite Mummy  will give you more ideas in the next week. Please head over to the
Explore User Forum for all questions and discussions. (you need to be a signed up member for Explore to
see this forum).

Have fun with the Data Set. And don't switch off the light, you never know what is waiting in the Dark.

 Let's have a yummy Pumpkin Soup, it will be healthy for you...



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