What to check went schedules/prints are not running


Pyramid stops running tasks such as models/prints or provisioning users.


Steps to mitigate the problem:

The first thing to check is the Pyramid summaries panel.

Once on the page, in the bottom right corner of the screen, there is the Tasks panel, which shows the current status of all the tasks in the system.
If many of them are pending, this will be the reason for the above issue.

It is likely that a user sets off a large number of prints and is overloading the system, or there is a need to add more task engines to your system to cope with the load.

To cancel the pending tasks, go to the admin console->Schedules->Task Manager. The Task Manager provides complete visibility on what tasks are running.
A running or pending task can be stopped by enabling the checkbox next to it, theמ stop it with the stop button:

Before you stop the tasks, you must stop the schedule first to prevent it from spanning more tasks.
To find the schedule, you can click on the "Go to Item location" button to see the schedules for that item and stop it.