Data Connector Changes in 2020.24

As of version 2020.24,  certain data connectors have been removed from the standard installation for various reasons (licensing/paywall). Going forward, these connectors can still be used, but must be added manually to the application. 

The affected connectors are:

  • Apache Drill
  • Apache Hive
  • MongoDb BI 
  • Netezza
  • Neo4J BI 

During the upgrade, there will be no error or any indication of connectors being removed, but during normal operation, users querying these data sources or processing any related models will get a connection error, unless they re-add the connectors. (See example images below)

Customers who use these connectors (or plan to use them) will need to download them and add them as custom connectors. Pyramid's connector marketplace offers quick access to the downloads. 

Help resources

Examples of errors from missing connectors