How to connect SalesForce as a data source in Pyramid

In order to add SalesForce as a data source in Pyramid, you will need to set up an app in SF and use the Consumer Key and the Secret Key of the app.

Please follow these steps in order to create the app:

  1. Open on the settings->Setup:
  2. On the left menu, click on the Apps->App Manager:
  3. Create a New Connected App:
  4. Fill in the application details, enable the OAuth Settings, and enable for Device Flow. In the OAuth Scopes select the “Full access(full)” scope:

  5.  Once the application has been created, in the view app panel, you will be able to see your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret:
  6. Go to the Pyramid Admin Console->Data->Data Sources, and add a new SF data source:
  7. To generate the security token, right-click on your user icon on the top right corner, then go to settings. On the left menu - reset security token: