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There are a lot of duplicates within our Discovery's. While cleaning this up, i stumbled across two of the same Discovery's. Both of them are used in the same presentation. I would like to purge one of them because they are identically the same.

One option to fix this is remove one out of the presentation and drag the other in there. Then there are no references anymore for one of them, so i can purge one. When using this option i've to scale the discovery again and make it fit for the presentation, so i'm looking for a different option to change the discovery.

My idea:
I would like to change my discovery path within my presentation. This ensures me that the size and placement will remain the same. 

For example, i've got 2 Discovery's: 

- Graph Sales

- Graph Sales (1)

The presentation uses Graph Sales (1) but i would like to change it to Graph Sales. This is an easy fix if i just can change the discovery path:

Workgroup Content/Angeline/GraphSales(1)
---> Workgroup Content/Angeline/GraphSales

Is this possible? Or is there an other easy fix?

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    Hi Angeline,

    I don't believe there is a way to do this.


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