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Our Sales data currently consists of roughly 180.000.00 rows. I noticed that when you want to extract sales, for lets say a week, Pyramid waits until all rows on the source have been read.

Is there a way to filter the source without having to write a complete custom query, so only the WHERE clause... like a filter directly on SOURCE ?

Because now it takes a long time :)

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    • Dvir_Buzaglo
    • 6 yrs ago
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    Hi Ian,

    In the select node, you can select a "SQL Query" element and create the required query you need,

    In addition views are now available to select from the "Select" node table selection. 


    • Arnold_Slabbekoorn
    • 6 mths ago
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    Hi, we are testing this out with our Snowflake data warehouse and I am running into the same issue. Above seems to basically answer with two solutions. 1. You either write custom SQL or 2. You go back to the database team to create a View with your WHERE clause static filter. So are you saying there is no option to push a filter WHERE clause into the Table selection column options when you add table to reduce transfer of data for what you need?

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