Is it possible to toggle between 3 different date fields on a Present

I have a present with discovers that all are based on time. They show information about loans that have been created over the past X amount of time.  This is grouped by a total for each past month/year.  All the loans have three different, equally important dates. regarding their origination. A create date, effective date, and contract date. Currently on my present I have a parameter that uses a list of all the effective dates. There is a button for the user to see: Past 3 Months, Past 6 Months, Past Year, etc...  When they click Past 6 Months, the bar chart changes to show 6 bars in total, one for each month. This works fine as it is now, but some users prefer to see all the information in respect to a different date field.

My questions is this: Would I be able to create a variable that is like the "preferred date". It would have three possible options of the dates listed above. Then when the user selects a different date, the discoveries would all use a different date field from the data in the background.

I'm thinking there must be a way to make the discoveries use a variable that can be any of the three dates, so when the user toggles, they would all change to reflect that. If not, I would need to make 3 discoveries one for each date...

I'm welcome to any solutions to approach a problem like this. Let me know if you need any clarification.

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    • samuel_alma
    • 9 mths ago
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    There is no variable switch for entire hierarchies in Pyramid that we know of. Users can manually switch it out using the 'swap' context menu option. Instead we use the mini-tab tool for this. It does require the extra Discover reports. But it gives a smarter interaction experience and tight control of the logic compared to swap.

    You can do it as follows:

    1. create different sets of discover reports with each date dimension you want to deploy.
    2. create a global parameter, with three options: 3 months, 6 months etc. add it to your presentation
    3. add a 'mini-tab' component to your presentation with 3 tabs.
    4. add the discover reports from #1 to each mini tab
      1. any slicers injecting to each report can be reused and controlled per tab.
    5. right click on the parameter and set its 'actions.' wire it up so that each item in the parameter switches to a different tab.
    6. for a seamless experience, change the mini-tab 'position' from the ribbon to 'hidden'.
      • fleenorg
      • 8 mths ago
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       Okay thank you for the follow up, I am going to work on this. I thought of doing it this was but it is just a lot of duplicate work. Thank you 

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