Migrating existing content

What is the path for migrating the existing content I have created on BI Office 6.X?

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    • Peter_Sprague
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    Pyramid 2018 is a new product. BI Office was built to be the best-in-class solution for Microsoft BI. Pyramid 2018 offers many of the same capabilities as BI Office, however, Pyramid 2018 has been built to be a best-in-class solution for modern organizations with data needs across many platforms.

    Because of this, the engine was entirely rewritten and has some differences to allow it to cover SQL, our new Pyramid in-memory engine (IMDB), as well as MS SSAS. In upcoming releases this winter and next spring, we are planning additional SSAS functionality to match the best-in-class capabilities of BI Office. Pyramid will offer more direct migration options with those releases.  

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