Publication Level Slicer for Dynamic Text on Publication

Is there any way to apply a slicer to dynamic text on a publication when you export or schedule the publication?

Right now if I have half a dozen reports on a publication and I want those reports to display data from the Fall 2018 term. I can easily do that when I export or publish the publication by selecting Fall 2018 using the "Slice content by:" option in the Print & Export dialog box.

I also have half a dozen dynamic text snippets displaying data from the Fall 2018 term. As an example I have the total number of minority students enrolled and the percentage of the total students those minorities represent as dynamic text. I have gone into the interaction manager and made sure that the term slicer is selected and associated with the minority enrollment report I use to generate the dynamic text. However, when I output the report the dynamic text gives me the total number of minority students enrolled since we started tracking the number in our data warehouse. Same goes for the percentage of minority students enrolled. To get the correct number I need to add a term slicer to the actual report and set it to the correct term. Is this the expected behavior or am I doing something wrong?

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    • Shai_Dvir
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    Hi Ray,

    If your slicer interact with the dynamic text or the discovery report it relies on, each slicer value will fire a new query which produces new results and respectively new dynamic text. This concept operates in the same manner for publishing via print and export dialogbox or using a schedule. 
    When creating a schedule please make sure you are selecting the desirable slicer values in the "Selections" card.

    Hope that was helpful.


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