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I have two dashboards from two different models where the sources for the dashboards are also different but both of the dashboards uses same filters . I want to use the filter in only one dashboard which should reflect in other page also. How to achieve this ?


My other Question 

I want the above filters to be operated like the below image I want only two filters to be shown, for Example Demographics and Service Line programs but if I click on demographics the other  filters Gender and language has to be shown . If I click on Gender it has to show Male and Female filters whereas if I click on the Demographics again all the Filters has to rollup .

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    • Ian_Macdonald
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    hi  ,

    Let me restate your challenge to make sure I have understood it correctly.

    1st Question

    You have a dashboard with analytic content from two models.

    You require to filter both sets of content with one filter.


    What are the common hierarchies between the data sets that will be interact with the filter(s)? 

    2nd Question

    We can use the tab object with hidden tabs to do the conditional display of filters.

    If you click on Demographics, Gender and Language are displayed.

    The gender slicer would allow me to choose Male/Female. Displaying additional individual buttons seems redundant. Are they definitely required?

    Same with Language

    Do you want the same effect with the other train of filters or will cascading filters be sufficient?

    If you can provide the above answers, we can progress further.



      • Immanuel_Gem
      • 3 wk ago
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      @Ian Macdonald 

      To answer your Questions

      1. Yes I do analytics content from two models 

      No I just need to filter each pages separately. 

      However If its possible let me know if we could filter both sets  of content with one filter 

      2. https://community.pyramidanalytics.com/t/h7h46xa/how-to-bring-up-a-second-filterslicer-when-selections-are-made-in-the-first-one

      we followed the above tutorial and we achieved like the attached snaps


      However its a  tedious process to map each and every country to its states--> county -->City ..

      We need an alternative method for the below challenge . 

      The filter model should as shown below when I click on the state filter and select one state  county filter has to be popped and when I select one county the city filter has to be popped and it should be followed till age group .  The same with the service line filters  

      Again if I click on state filter all all the filters has to be rolled up(Hidden)

      The above filter option I should able to do for service line/program also 

      •Service Line/Programs

      •Service Line


      on a final note on my presentation page I will have only two filters as visible one is demographics and another is service line. Hope you pictured .

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    • Ian_Macdonald
    • 2 wk ago
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    I can see why you might want the geolocation perform like that as it forms a natural hierarchy, but Race, Ethnicity, Language, Gender, Military Ve... and Age Group are independent of the geo attributes.  Might I not want to see Age Group and Gender independently of Language? 

    I'm still a little confused as to what you require and/or why it needs to be like this. Usually you want to hide / show filters because some of them only apply to certain combinations of selections, but this doesn't make sense.



      • Immanuel_Gem
      • 2 wk ago
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       I get it .  I have another question 

      I have a Custom column which I created named Demographics .. 

      I brought it in to presentation as filter 

      I am using the Filter as Button 

      Now …If I click on the Demographics Filter (Button ) My other filters I mentioned in the previous query has to be rolled out 

      if I click on the same filter again i.e. Demographics Filter(Button) I want all my filters to be rolled up


      How can I achieve this ?

      • Immanuel_Gem
      • 2 wk ago
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        Is it possible to create a button in presentation page and make it work as show hide option 

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