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I have a trellis graph and I want to be able to sort values descending on both graphs separately.  At the moment it half sorts the graphs, as you can see below it picks up the largest value correctly but the other categories aren't in the correct order according to value, is there any way to make the sort for each graph independent of each other?




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    Hi Katie,

    Yes there is, but it kind of depends on the order in which you apply the sort vs the trellis.

    We'll create a bar chart of manufacturers' sales for each year, each year sorted independently.

    First create my bar chart of sales by Manufacturer:

    Then add in Year:

    Noe open the Sort dialogue and select both attributes, Year and Manufacturer, select sort descending and uncheck the "break hierarchies" option. this will result in manufacturers sales sorted descending within each year:

    Now move the Year chip from Categories to Trellis Horizontal Drop zone:

    You have your desired result!

    Hope that helps!


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