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I have a report that requires me to embed URLs within the report body. These URLs are parameterized (currently generated by the underlying query and marked as a URL type) and the reports are embedded into our core application via the APIs. The links display correctly in the report but, when clicked the target URL is launched in a new window (which isn't ideal in a session based application).

Is it possible to define/override/customize the target (_self, _parent, _top) to have the link opened within the same window as the existing report? It appears that the link action itself is managed by a javascript listener - is there a way to manage/override this?



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    • Mark_Oldfield.1
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    As an alternative to having the URL link as fields with a URL type, would it be possible to perform the same using an Action using 'Jump to URL' in a discovery?

    As you can see in the example below this will allow the 'Open In' to choose from the options of New Tab, Pop-up, Pop-up (Iframe) or In place.

    I've placed this example on our Explore server here:-

    Sign up for Explore here: https://community.pyramidanalytics.com/t/60h0b4f/pyramid-explore-server-how-to-sign-up-and-participate




    • Vaughan_van_der_Merwe
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    Hey Mark,

    Thanks for the quick response. I have looked at the 'right click -> actions' option - seems to technically do what we need.

    Unfortunately it's likely not to be ideal for our end users who are currently used to a 'see dedicated link, click and be navigated to details' dashboard (think a dashboard with multiple embedded URL actions - edit, add, delete etc).

    Are there any other options available? Is this functionality that would be useful to others?



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      • Mark_Oldfield.1
      • 3 days ago
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      Unfortunately, I can't think of an alternate approach as the approach implemented is the method that Chrome (and other browsers ) use to open URL links in a new window. 

      You could suggest the support for an alternate method of URL link interaction as a feature request.

      many thanks


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