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Hi together,
I have a grid with data like:

Manufacturer    Model
VW        Up!
VW        Polo
VW        Golf
Audi        A1
Audi        A2
Audi        A3
Hyundai        i10
Hyundai        i20
Hyundai        i30

Now I want to put this in a publication to generate a PDF from that with PageRepeater, so that every manufacturer gets its own page.
How can I display the name one time at the beginning at the page without repeating it over and over?



Thank you!

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    • Eduardo_Azanza
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Hello Philipp, in a Publication the Page Repeater allows you to render a page multiple times, filtering a specified visual by a different slice each time. 

    In your scenario you will need first to add a Slicer with the Manufacturer attribute; then, from the page that you want to repeat, go to the Page Repeater option and add a new slicer, in this case it would be the Model attribute , and set the interactions accordingly (see Page Repeater.png). In the attached example we have a placeholder, at the top of the page, with the selected Manufacturer, and another placeholder with the Model, then a Grid, 

    In this example, we will get a publication for the selected Manufacturer (slicer value); with only the specified pages being repeated, in this example different pages by Model.

    • philipp
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Thank you!

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