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Data exclusion in Publish schedule


I have a scenario where I have a sales publication going out to a lot of email recipients via a dynamic email list against a slicer with 3 entries. Let's say those 3 entries are "Cars", "Planes" and "Boats". A schedule is set, so each morning a pdf with the relevant publication is sent to each recipient. Works a treat!

Let us now say we have acquired a new car brand, "PyramidCar".

As this is new business we want an additional sales report that excludes the "PyramidCar" sales, but sent out with the other ones. 

In the multi page publication in some of the discovers, the Brands are split out. This is the reason I can't just add a slicer with a grouping on this field.

So the 4 reports we need are

Cars (all) - going to recipients A

Cars (all except PyramidCar) - going to recipients A

Planes - going to recipients B

Boats - going to recipients C

There are ways to work around this. We can deep paste the publication and then edit each discovery to exclude the data. Or we can create a Present where we subscribe with specific slicer selections. 

But it's not the first time I've encountered this issue and I'm sure others have.

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    • AviPerez
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    There are plenty of built-in techniques for handling your scenarios.

    You should review schedule, report and page triggers. Also look at using a "list" with logic built into it as the source for a slicer - rather than just the raw list of elements.  Page repeaters may also be useful. 

    Digest these functions and then it will be easier to help you attack your specific problem.

  • Hi Avi

    Thank you for getting back to me. I was looking into several of these things already, but nothing seemed to do the trick. I'll pass your suggestions back to our consultants as well and see if they can come up with a solution. They too tried a few of these things before I raised the ticket, so it's clearly not a straight forward way to achieve it.

    This is on BW data source by the way. There are a few limitations on the formula logic we can put in.

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