How to have a field ignore a filter in a visual

I am trying to create a benchmark visual that has a set of data sit alongside a group total. For example, say there are 5 companies that exist in a certain state. Lets call them Company 1, Company 2, ..., Company 5. I want to be able to create a visual that has Company 1 data sit next to the statewide total (statewide is the addition of all Company 1, Company 2, etc.). Similar to the basic visual that is attached, companies should be able to be filtered (blue bar above) without the statewide total (orange bar above) changing. How do I lock down a certain field/column in a discovery so that I can benchmark data showing a subset next to the entire set?

I know this is possible in Tableau and PowerBI so I feel like it has to be possible in pyramid. Any assistance is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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