How to access the SAP BW 'Info Areas' Tree. From Tips & Tricks August 22 - SAP

Sneak: How to access the SAP BW 'Info Areas' Tree in Database Panel

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How to access the SAP BW 'Info Areas' Tree in the Database Panel

Pyramid supports direct query connections to SAP BW. However finding the BW query to use as a source for Pyramid discover can take time with hundreds of queries returned in a static list for each BW cube.

  1. To simplify the query selection process, tick the optional feature on the database source ‘Allow for ‘Info Areas’ tree in database panel.
    Admin Console > Data > Data Source > Pick SAP BW Source > Edit

    This additional configuration option runs the additional SAP BAPI (Business Application Programming Interface) RSZ_X_INFOCUBES_GET
  2. With this option selected the BW queries are available in a tree view similar to how they are present in SAP BW.

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