How to select SAP BW Characteristics and Properties. From Tips & Tricks July 22

Sneak: How to select SAP BW Characteristics and Properties

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How to select SAP BW Characteristics and Properties

  1. Selecting a dimensional attribute and adding it to a drop zone will effect the visual you are working on. If you are a SAP BW user then you can use your related dimensional characteristics (properties) to further your visual.
    Selecting the show/hide properties button will make the visible to use. *This is only unique to SAP data sources.

  2. When selected you can add your dimensional attribute and extra characteristics. Note, you must be using an attribute to make use of its characteristics.

  3. However, there is a use for characteristics that often gets overlooked. When using an attribute with characteristics, rather than nesting the characteristics you can use the right click context menu and select Change Caption, this will allow the members to be aliased with the values from one of the characteristics. This works in most drop zone including filters!

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