Add interactions accross diffent slides

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Is it possible to add interactions across different slides?

Like one master page where the user can select all necessary filters and then all following pages will react on this. And is it possible to save the filter setting that the user has choosen?

Thank you :)

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    • Slicers/filters are global. if you make a change on one slide, the change will be reflected on all other slides. The change, however, is only triggered when a user selects the new slide. A common mistake is to re-add a slicer over and over on each individual slide. In this scenario they are duplicates and unsynchronized. Once you've add the first slice/filter, use the "Slicer" panel on the right side of the screen to re-add it to each subsequent slide. (It may be collapsed , so click on the panel to open it).


    • You can elect to remember each user's slicer settings. Click on "Runtime Settings" in the home tab and choose the last option in the dialog box. 

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