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Data Label Formatting on Average Measurements


I've created a discovery which has two axis. The first axis (bar) to show quantity and the second axis (line) to show percentage of sales. What we would like to do is show another line on the graph to represent the average of sales. This looks to work OK - however - there doesn't appear to be an option in the formatting panel to change anything on this new line?

It's currently showing the value for each of the date element in the graph (0.77 in the screenshot below and attached) which we would like to remove but there doesn't appear to be the option.

Under the formatting panel we can see the option to select the original measurement values (the quantity and the sales percentage) but not one for the new average line.

Is there something extra we need to do?

Many Thanks,



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  • Hi Daniel, 

    In your formatting panel displayed in your screenshot, click the drop down box marked "Default".  You should then have the option to select which element you want to edit, in this case average of sales, and uncheck the "Show Data Labels" box to remove the labels. Anything else you want to change about the formatting of your average of sales line can be done in the same way, e.g. if you instead wanted to change colour you can go to colour in the first drop down box and should get a second one to select the average again. 

    Hope this helps, let me know if you're still having any problems. 

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Rory Sinclair  and Lara Grysczyk ,

    Thank you for your help.

    I've attached a screenshot of the formatting panel - The two value measurements which are shown - are the quantities and the percentage of sales. I've got an average measurement included as well but this is not showing in the format panel. (As shown in the screenshot at the bottom of this message) I was hoping that it would show for me. If I untick the box for data labels this removes everything from the discovery.  

    The screenshot below shows that there are three measurements but only two seem to be available in the formatting panel.


    Many Thanks,


    • Daniel Trayton That's odd, I can't seem to replicate this in my own environment. If I create a comparable graph it gives me all 3 options in the drop down to adjust formatting.  Apologies for the trivial suggestions but if you haven't already try removing and readding the metric and refreshing the metadata.  Any ideas Lara Grysczyk Mollie Taylor ?

    • Rory Sinclair It worked for me as well... That's why I thought that something with the measure was broken. But deleting the measure from the drop zones and adding it to the graph is always a good start if there is something funny happening ;)

  • Hi Daniel ,

    did you calculate the Average FQLT as a quick measure in this discovery? Or is it a regular measure as well?
    If you did not calculate it as a quick measure, you could try to do a workaround by calculating the average as a quick measure in this discovery and disable the data labels there.

  • Hi Rory  and Lara ,

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    I've tried removing the measurement and re-entering and refreshing the meta data - still no luck.

    The measurement itself is from the Analysis panel on the query tab.

    If not I think I might try to create a new measurement in the data model to find the overall average for the date period and add this as new field.

    Lara  - In your example was the average measurement taken from the analysis panel?

    Many Thanks,


    • Hi Daniel Trayton ,

      I did it slightly different, but the outcome is still the same. (you can see my approach in the attached screenshot "Pyramid Help 2")
      I could with see and disable my average Price (2) datalabels (which was done via the analysis -> statistical panel). 

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