Why are my formulas not showing up

I have a handful of formulas that execute successfully in a Public Content folder. 

However, in Discover, only 2 of them show up

Even if it is a blank discover panel. 

Everything is run off of the same In-Memory DB Model. I am listed as an Enterprise Admin.

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    Hi Jeremy,

    Formulas created in Formulate can be found in a Discovery report based on the selected Context of the Formula.

    1. If a List or a Member is added to the Formula, the Context will automatically change to the hierarchy of that List/Member.
    It can be changed back to Measures if needed before it is saved.
    2. Once a Formula is saved, the Context cannot be changed by editing the Formula.

    Here's a detailed explanation,

    If the selected Context is Measures:

    It will appear in the Business Logic folder under Measures:

    If the selected Context is a hierarchy:

    It will appear in the Business Logic folder under the relevant hierarchy (In this example, the Color hierarchy under the Product dimension)

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