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Hi Folks, I am trying to use Dynamic text in Pyramid analytics 2018 which is based on the slicer (single select-drop down) so that the Presentation header in each slide changes with the slicer selection. I tried the Dynamic Text in Illustration, however, see that it allows only with the Grid, but not with the slicer. Can someone please help?

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    • Yakov_Shaul
    • 5 yrs ago
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    Yes, it's doable.

    Create a new illustration.
    Click on the "T" icon to add a text field,
    Then on the component tab marked with another "T",
    Then click on "Dynamic Place Holder" button.
     Double click on the Yellow place holder and you can add any static text to the string it to your place holder
    You'll probably need to click on the illustration tab, to resize the Canvas layout, so that when you use it in your presentation, the text will remain at a decent size.
    Save your illustration.

    Create a new Presentation.
    To add the illustration to it, you can grab the illustration tab and pull it to place it on the Presentation design area.
    The rest is easy, Create a slicer. add/drow an interaction from the slicer to the added illustration.
    On run time, the values you select in the slicer will propagate the place holder in the illustration.

    The result,
    Hope it helps.

    • navy_quill
    • 5 yrs ago
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    Yakov Shaul hello, this really helps! It worked perfectly as expected. Thank you so much :)

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