Update data from excel file in pyramid 2018?

Hi , 

I have an excel sheet as a soruce for my data model. the data is dynamic and I change them 5 time a day. i want to change my data on my excel sheet , in a way that i can see the update in the reports without adding a new excel sheet everytime.

how can i do it in pyramid 2018?




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    Hi Idit,

    You can achieve this by setting the Excel file as a "Shared Location". For Pyramid 2018 to automatically update from your Excel file, and as it could potentially be running  on  a different server, it needs to have access to it (hence the "shared location").

    When you design your model, choose "Shared file" from the drop down, then specify the path to the file:


    Once you have completed your model and saved it, go to the content folder where you saved the model and click on the three dots bottom right of the model icon and select schedule:


    You will see a panel appear on the right where you can set the schedule, i.e., set the periodicity of the refresh from your Excel file:


    Pyramid 2018 will then read the Excel file according to your schedule and rebuild the model with the new data.

    By clicking  on the pin, top right of the above screen shot, you can examine the run executions of your loads:

    Hope that helps.


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    One more thing...

    My comments above refer to the Enterprise Edition of Pyramid 2018. The Community Edition does not include the scheduling option.


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