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My users have two separate data discovery that they would like combined in to one, and I can't seem to figure it out.

They both have a year week hierarchy on columns, with products on rows and turnover value. The only difference is that one shows full year, but the other is limited to a list of the current weeks to compare equivalent year to date.

What they would like is for both to be in the same dataset, which wont work in the way it is currently done with a list of current weeks for the WTD:

E.G. 2019, 2018 Full, 2018 WTD, 2017 Full, 2017 WTD

I suspect I will have to create custom measures for these, to aggregate the turnover for the set time periods. Has anyone else done something similar?



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    Hi Alister Hill ,

    We are having a hard time understanding what you mean.
    Could you maybe attach screen-shots of the 2 reports, so we would have a clearer picture of what you already have and what you are trying to achieve?

    If this information is sensitive, you may send the info to our support team, https://support.pyramidanalytics.com

    Also, which data source are you connecting to? OLAP cube / Sql Server / Oracle / Pyramid In Memory...?


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