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Good Morning,

We have a publication that needs to be repeated by State and Category - this is working well.

We also need the client to be able to select a Start Date and End Date to determine what dates should be included in the data shown in the Publication.

I have tried this using a Start Date and End Date Parameters, along with a Date Range List:


 This approach works in the discovery, but not in the Publication. I am unable to interact the Parameters as Parameter Interactions in the Publication, only Auto Destination.

I have created an example using the sample demo data (.pie file attached).

Does anyone have an idea on how we can do this?


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    The technique to getting this to work requires a small hack. The Pyramid team knows about the work-around, and have been looking into better functional support for this scenario.

    The Technique:

    1. create 2 parameters on your date column: "from" and "to"
    2. build a list using the range function, with the from and to parameters as inputs from #1.
    3. build a formula that is an AGGREGATE of the list from #2
    4. create your visuals in Discover, and ensure you filter your queries with the aggregate member from #3. The from-to parameters will pop-up in Discover. Because you're only filtering on a single item, the date chip will be added to filters as a background chip.
    5. the "HACK": to uncomplicate the usage of the date driven visual in Present and/or Publish, move the date chip in #4 from the filter dropzone to something like 'tooltips'.  You can do this by dragging the background element off the canvas directly to the dropzone.
    6. In Present, drag the visual, and the from-to parameters to a slide. in The Interaction Manager, ensure that the "from" slicer" is wired to the "from" parameter of the visual (ditto for "to"). In Publish do the same, except the slicers will only appear in the Interaction Manager and not on the page (obviously).
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    Thanks - that worked. Really appreciate the very detailed steps.

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