Change Value on horizontal axis based on variable value selected

I am trying to change dimension in horizontal axis of my graph based on the filter selected.

For example,

In graph I would like to change value in horizontal axis to created date year, quarter, month and date dimensions based on year, quarter, month and date filter.

Please let me know on how we can achieve this in Pyramid.

Pyramid version:-2018.05.642

Model Source- Sql Server

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    The feature you are asking about requires a physical hierarchy in a model.  The only way to do it in version 2018.05 is by using SQL Server Analysis Services as your data model engine.  If you want to use a SQL-based model (includes Pyramid In-Memory), you will need to upgrade to 2020 as it supports creating physical hierarchies in all models (called Regular Hierarchies).  Once you have a physical hierarchy, you can give the user the ability to swap out the horizontal axis by setting up a Variable List

    Here is an example below:

    1. Click on the Variable List button on the Query Toolbar.
    2. Enter a name for the List and either click the plus sign (+) to create a global parameter or navigate to a parameter if it has already been built.
    3. Select the hierarchy you want to use and then pick each parameter value and assign it to a level.
    4. Save the list and test it.

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