Changing Slicer Settings

I've noticed that when I change a slicer from Single Select Tree to Multi Select Drop Down that it places my Single Select Tree selection into the background and does not change the Slicer Type. 

To workaround this I have to go find the hierarchy in the Dimensions panel, and re-select the options I want available in my Multi Select Drop Down. Once I select those options it re-adds the hierarchy to the Filters as a Multi Select Drop Down.

I have not tried this with any other combinations of Slicer Types.

Am I doing something wrong? Maybe this is a bug?

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    • Bill_Balnave
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Hi Nate - 


    Sorry this is a couple of weeks late. If you have not already opened a support ticket for this, please do so. You're not doing anything wrong. 

    • vitalykrasnov_pyramidan
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Hi Nate,

    When you change a slicer type from a tree slicer (whether its single select or multi select), and you only have a single element selected in your selection, it becomes a background filter.

    you can press on the filters drop zone and "Disallow Background Chip" in order to see the actual slicer visualization. 

    once you add additional elements to the possible moptions of the slicer (via the elements tree) - it will turn back into the acttual slicer representation 

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