How to register an APP in Azure for OAuth connections to Snowflake or Azure Synapse in Pyramid.

1)     Register an App in the Azure portal

Required fields:

Name: give the app a name

Supported account types: choose the option that you require.

Redirect URL: This is your Pyramid URL with /AuthenticateCallbackPage added on the end of it. Make sure to set it up in Pyramid by clicking on "Use Default Value" and then "Apply". This can be found under >Pyramid Admin>Data>Global Settings->OAuth Settings -> Redirect URL 

Click on “Register” to complete the setup.

The completed App looks as below. Note down your application(client) ID, which is needed for the “Client ID” when setting up the connection from Pyramid to Synapse using the OAuth option.



Admin> Data Source>Azure Synapse /Snowflake


2. Create a client secret (this should only be used in one place and not for multiple connections)

Click on the app that was created > “Certificates & secrets” > “New client secret.”

Required fields:

Description: give it a description

Expires: choose an expiry option of your choosing

Click on “Add” to create the secret.



The Secret value is what is needed in the Pyramid for “Client Secret” as shown below:



To get the endpoint URLS needed for Pyramid, click on Endpoints from within the overview page of your app.


The JSON Web Keys URL for Microsoft Azure is:


If you use custom singing keys, see here what the correct URL should be.

The “Scope”, comes from the "API permissions" section of your application.

Click on “API permissions” > “Add a permission” > “APIs my organization uses” and search for “Azure SQL Database”.
Click on it and choose “Delegated permissions” > Add Permissions 


Click on “user_impersonation” and copy the URL shown in the pop-up box to the right of the screen.

This concludes all the setup that is required.
You should now be able to connect to your data source using OAuth.