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After focusing on a member in a Discovery, how do you unfocus?


We have had a couple of occasions where users have focused on something and saved the report.  How do I turn off the focus so it goes back to it's original state?

Rob Clark

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  • Here are some more details.  If they focus on an item and then remove the background chip the Discovery continues to focus on that member and we aren't able to unfocus.  Here are some screen shots showing this behavior:

    Before focusing on APV (notice there an APV and DP on the orange line)

    After focusing on APV there is only APV showing on orange line

    Removing the background chip does nothing,  DP did not come back and only APV is shown on orange line

    Thanks in advance on help with removing the focus of a member.


    • Ian MacdonaldAdmin
    • Team Lead - Product Management
    • Ian_Macdonald
    • 11 days ago
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    Hi Rob,

    Is Line of Business Code attribute a multi select filter as well as being present in the columns? That's the only way I can reproduce your scenario.

    What's happening here is that the menu option Focus selects just that member form the element tree for that attribute. If only one element is selected in the element tree, by default Pyramid assigns that as a background filter. The filters (slicers) are populated by the selection of members in the element tree. If there is only one selected, then the slicer is redundant and is removed, the attribute chip removed form the Filter Drop Zone and the element set as the background filter. 

    If the user saves the report, then it is effectively now a new report shape, without the attribute in the filter drop zone. So when it is reopened, we have no way of knowing what the previous report shape was.

    This can be mitigated by keeping the standard reports in a read only folder and if the user modifies the report and saves it, they save into their own folder, or some other. then if they want to go back to the original, it will be untouched in the read only folder.

    You can use the back / forward (undo / redo) buttons while the report is open, even if it has been saved, but once the Discover is closed, when reopened they are no longer available.

    You could also train your users to always "Save as New Version", then they could go back as far as they liked to previous versions of the report.

    Hope that helps.


  • Thanks for the reply Ian.  I like the fact that we can right click and focus on an item.  I wish it would display somewhere on the screen that there is a background filter.  Because it doesn't some of our business users don't know that the data is filtered.  I have written instructions for them to right click and view elements, in the example above it's on the line of business code, and check if it is filtered and then to click the All checkbox to see them all (this is essentially how to unfocus on one item).  It would be really nice if there was an indication that there are background filters so the users know about it.

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    • Ian MacdonaldAdmin
    • Team Lead - Product Management
    • Ian_Macdonald
    • 10 days ago
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    Hi Rob,

    As you have observed, there is notification of the background filter if the single attribute member concerned is not represented on the grid. If it is on the grid, then it shows up there and there is no background filter and only that member is selected in the element tree.

    As above, in the scenario where the Focussed element was previously on a multiselect slicer, then the element is moved to  a background filter and the slicer removed.


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