Limiting Results to All Data After x/xx/xxx Date

How would I go about limiting the data with a date value of, say, May, 20,2016 and beyond?

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    The most robust technique is to build a list or set.

    1. Assuming you want to pick the to and from dates, build 2 date parameters in the Formulate parameter tool - that is a simple listing of all dates.
    2. Again in the Formulate tool, List builder, choose the range selector. Pick the first parameter in the date hierarchy for the first "pick member". Choose the second parameter for the second "pick member".
    3. Save your set.
    4. Either choose 'Quick Discover' from the list ribbon ro start a new Discover report with your data model. Then select the set from step 2. The parameters should pop up and let you choose the start and end dates.

    To see other date time variations, try the 'Time Intelligence' Wizard on the query tab in Discover. It doesn't cover this exact use case, but there are some other useful things to try out.

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