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When using the search function (via the magnifying glass icon) for data elements, such as searching for elements when creating a Formula, the output for the search only contains items that begin with the searched string, instead of the searched string being a substring of all search results. In other words, a data element search of "apple" would include "Apple, Inc." but not "ABC Apple Corp.".

Please expand search results to include "%searched_string%" and not just "searched_string%".

(It's unclear whether this search behavior also exists in search settings other than data elements, such as search functionality within a slicer.)

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    • Ian_Macdonald
    • 4 mths ago
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    Hi John,

    This already exists. If you look closely in the search bar when you open it, you will see in fainter text Search (Use * for contains):

    So *ball will show all members of my Product dimension that contain the string "ball":

    This functionality is available in most Search bars in Pyramid.

    Hope that helps!


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