Percentage points change calculation

I am trying to calculate change in percentage points between two rows and have followed the steps in a previous post: 


  1. Click on the "+" icon in the vertical column of icons to the left of the Grid canvas.
  2. Click on the first column header (Margin), click on the second column header (Net Margin), then rightclick one of the selected columns, choose Quick Calc --> Create Measure --> Constructed Functions --> Subtraction.

However the formatting on my quick calc (top row in picture) also comes out in % and when I change the format in the formula itself, it doesn't work.  Am I missing a step?




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    • Ian_Macdonald
    • 4 wk ago
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    Hi Katie,

    Your description doesn't match your example, so it's a bit confusing what you are doing.

    However, if Last Year Week Ending and Current Year Week Ending are also calculated items, make sure your solve order for the subtraction calculation has a higher value than the other two. This will ensure that the calculations are performed  in the correct order. If there is ambiguity in the order, it often results in odd results or strange formatting.

    Set the solve order value here in execution panel in your subtraction calc:

    LMK if that makes a difference.


    • Katie_Easton
    • 4 wk ago
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    Hi Ian, 

    Thanks for that, it has fixed the formatting but the output is incorrect.  E.g CTP average, 18-24 should have a percentage point difference of +0.5pp, but it's current +0.0pp.


    Any thoughts ?

      • NPANS
      • 4 wk ago
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       Maybe your numbers are too small. Multiply by 100?

    • Senior Director of Product
    • Ian_Macdonald
    • 4 wk ago
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    Npans is right. Don't forget when you are subtracting 12.2% from 12.7% you are in reality subtracting 0.122 from 0.127 which is 0.005.

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