IMDB Setup on a Kubernetes deployment

Hi there, wondering if there is any specific information about setting up the IMDB (in memory database) source server specifically in a kubernetes environment.

I'm used to the standard server approach where localhost is where the IMDB sits, but it doesn't seem to be (and understandably wouldn't be) the same on a kubernetes deploy.

I guess the first question is, is IMDB available on a kubernetes deploy?

If it is, in which service does it typically run and what would the typical settings be when configuring the source server for it?  Our cluster networking may be slightly different, but as long as we know where to look, we should have a start.

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    • AviPerez
    • 6 mths ago
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    IMDB is one of two Pyramid services not available in Kubernetes (the other being the Windows Connector). That, however, doesn't mean you cannot attach an IMDB service to a Kubernetes instance of Pyramid. That can be achieved by installing it as a standalone service on a normal machine (VM etc) and simply connecting it to the cluster like you might in a native deployment. 

    The IMDB, like any database technology, relies on persistent localized storage. This is not a good fit with the Kubernetes construct or elastic compute and auto growing/shrinking pods. It would also require some type of load balancing framework if it was going to scale up and out like any other service in the cluster. These are concepts that we plan to implement in the future. 

      • Mitch_S_Garner
      • 6 mths ago
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       Hey Avi, thank you for the response!  Yes, that does make sense to me.

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