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I have two tables that I am placing side by side in a presentation, Table A with values for 6 measures for a Company (C) and Table B with 6 percentage measures for C and 2 aggregate groups, M and G. I was wondering if there was a way to 

a) put them into one table, we only want to show the values for the company and not the aggregate groups


b) link them in the dashboard so they look neat and are not affected by scaling etc


please see attached - where we have placed table A on top of table B

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    Hi Satveer,

    The only way for them to be  in the same table (grid) is for the selected items to be in one query. To get the second column, the % for C, you will need to create that calculation in the Companies dimension so that you get the query "Shape" you require.

    Is the data coming from more than one model? If so, the data will need to be combined into one model so that it can be access  in  a single query.

    Otherwise, you will need to play around with the formatting and scaling options in Present to try and get them aligned as closely as possible.

    Hope that helps.


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