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Assuming i want to do a data model and i want to story it locally for speed of access (a bit like Tableau allows you to store the data encapsulated in the report), can i store in the "In Memory" DB in the servers used for Pyramid?


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    When you build a model that includes a data flow (vs a direct query model) you can choose where to store the data that is output from the data flow in the "Target" block. This can be any database to which you have write access. Here you can choose the Pyramid In Memory Database, IMDB as the target if you have write access to it.

    This is very much not the same as a Tableau Viz where the data is stored with the visualizations in a file, Pyramid does not have that concept as it is an entirely server based platform.

    If you have an existing model that is using a standard disk based DMBS engine, like SQLServer, changing the target to IMDB and running the data flow again, you will probably see an improvement in performance due to the in memory nature of IMDB. IMDB will also "persist" the data to disk, so that if the server is rebooted, when you next ask to connect to the data it will reload the DB from its disk version back into memory for you to query, you don't need to rerun the model data flow to recreate it.

    Hope that helps.

    LMK if you have any further questions.


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      Hi Ian,


      Very clear. This helps.


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