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Existing or custom area chart with measure for x axis.

This is quite obscure so not sure if possible, but is it possible to create some sort of stacked area chart where the X-Axis is a rank (so numeric) instead of a dimension (so 1,2,3,4,5) and the Y-Axis is a numeric value as well. I believe it might be called a decay chart (from wikipedia)?



I tried to create a version in Pyramid by using a scatter chart but really need these to be area charts so you can overlay the years if possible but they don't offer a x-axis as a measure.




ideally we'd want it to look like this (produced in excel)



I've had a look at market place for charts, but couldn't find any suitable (heat maps look great though!) and I dont have skillset to code my own so was wondering if a, it can't be created, is there a resource online where I could find what I'm looking for? or is it something that could be added to a new version similar to waterfalls?





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  • just to add the final version in excel, how it was achieved was each reference was given a rank value based on its exposure so the risk with highest exposure for X year was renamed to 1, and similarly for Y year the highest risk would also be renamed 1 (albeit two different risks) so you could overlay.

  • Hi Nicholas,

    sorry that nobody answered so far. Let me check internally if we can find someone to help you.

  • Hi Nicholas, 

    Have you tried making years a dimension instead of a measure?



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    It's quite difficult to understand exactly what you want. Please upload a sample dataset in an Excel file with the chart you reference.

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