sort or filter on subtotals

Hi, Im not able to sort or filter for the subtotals in dark green, to identify the largest quantity, moreover, I also did not manage to filter out the TOP5.


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  • You cannot use the sub-totals function with sorting or filtering. With few exceptions, it generally doesn't make sense to use them together.

    If you need to sort or filter a selection of items, you can built a list and then sub-total off that.

  • Hi Avi, 


    thanks for your answer, but just to explain, I have a categorie of defects in our inspection, I want to see the TOP10 of them and then break down to the articles causing them. 

    How should I built lists? For me, lists are static, aren´t they?

  • Two techniques.

    1. Create a list in the orange Formulate tools  of the top 10 defects. Return to green Discover, put the list in a grid (on rows say), add the articles to the rows as well. Add relevant measures. Now apply sub-totals.
    2. In Discover, add defects to a grid (lets say rows again), add articles as well. Add relevant measures. Open up the filter dialog (don't use quick filters). Check off the defects hierarchy only and set it up as a "Top 10" etc. Apply and add sub-totals. 

    Use method #1 if you plan to reuse the top 10 list across multiple reports etc. Use #2 if its more of an ad-hoc analysis.

    Quick filters use the same filter engine but assume to filter ACROSS all hierarchies in the given drop zone (or axis). This makes sub-totaling a fairly useless concept in most cases.

    Last, you should look at the N-of-N capabilities for your report.

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