Question on row sorting

I'm converting a BI Office chart.  It's laid out like this:

  • Slices - a date parameter at the month level
  • Columns - Two date calculated members that I have defined in my cube (Current Period and Prior Period
  • Rows - A different dimension
  • Subset - my single measure

I'm then sorting the rows the following way:

  • Sort by Values
  • Sort by Current Period for the column
  • Sort by my measure Descending
  • Break hierarchies

This yields me a chart that looks like this.  The chart is sorted by the dark blue bar, which corresponds to the "Current Period" member.


I can't figure out how to do the same thing in Pyramid 2018.  Here is how I have it set up there.  The end result for the 2018 version is that the sorting appears random.

  • Categories - my date parameter
  • Values - my single measure
  • Color - my date hierarchy
  • Color - My two calculated date members to make the dark blue and light blue bars

My sorting for 2018 is set up like this:

  • Sort Targets / Sort 1 - my date hierarchy
  • Sort Type - Values
  • Break hierarchies
  • My single measure

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    • burgundy_rose
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    Hi Tim,

    It was a little difficult to follow the steps described above, but if I understood correctly you have chart in BI Office that looks like this:

    which has settings as follows:


    To get the equivalent chart in Pyramid 2020, which would look something like this:

    you need to have sort settings as follows:


    The sort dialog in the image above can be accessed from here:


    (In the above examples I used the years "2009" and "2010" in place of your "previous" and "current" periods.) 

    I hope this answers your question.



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