Can the loading of dashboard with mini-tabs be accelerated to render the current page first while others continue to load in the background?

As I add more tabs for users to self-navigate each incrementally adds to the time users need to wait for data to paint. 
example a single discover feels almost instantaneous with a button click filter.  If some of the mini-tabs return content over longer time periods or incorporate cross-model content users lose patience.

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    • quantenabler
    • 4 mths ago
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    No experts have any thoughts about this?  Is my question understood or need more clarification?

    • NPANS
    • 4 mths ago
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    The mini tabs do not load invisible content until you view them.

    • quantenabler
    • 1 mth ago
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    I have version 2023.11.130 installed.
    I see that mini-tabs now render the exposed tab quickly and then resolve reasonably when clicking to other tabs (older version appeared to run all tab results in bulk - taking longer to render 1st page but was then wickedly fast when clicking to other tabs)

    my presents use hidden slicer but for some reason not all minitabs respect the setting.

    has this been reported by others or possibly addressed in a newer or planned patch?

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