How to: Extract all data from Reports while removing report filters

How to Extract all data from reports while removing report filters

Users might have Discover reports with existing filters (for example filtering the report to only display the top 10% of customers) but when they choose to extract the data into an extract file or database they want to extract all data, not just the filtered data . Instead of duplicating the report and then manually removing the filter from the duplicated report, users can use Pyramid’s built-in feature to extract the data from the original (filtered) report.

Method 1 – Extract the data into a CSV or Json file using Discover’s export option

  1. Choose Print & Export option (red box below)

  2. For CSV and Json output types, check Remove value based filters (red box below)

  3. Click Export (blue box above)

This will allow extraction of all rows of data from the report and will ignore the filter used in the report

Method 2 – Extract the data into a target data source using Model with Pyramid content as the data source

  1. Create a new model (using the required data model)
  2. Drag and Drop Pyramid content from the File Sources Tab onto the canvas (red box and arrow)
  3. Select the discover report to be used as the data source (blue box and arrow

  4. Click Add Table (and preview the data) (red box below)

  5. Check Ignore value based filters

  6. Add the required target data source

    Save and execute the model and schedule the model if required.

You can see how to do it in the video below. For more content like this Join the Category and you will receive a notification when new content is published.


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