Dashboard Gallery: Law Enforcement Analytics

Law Enforcement Analytics Dashboard

Similar dashboards are in use by actual law enforcement agencies, lets dive into this sample. 

1. Incidents Map colored by Number of Incidents 

This Map quickly points to hot spots in the city where the biggest number of incidents occurs, combining it with a time laps could show developing areas to watch out for.

2. Barchart by Incidents vs # of predicted Warrants

Another good example of a Diverging Stacked Bar Chart from our Visualization Market Place comparing Predicted Warrand and number of Incidents by Area. This shows how effective the law enforcement works.

3. Bubble Chart of Crime Type

A bubble chart showing the biggest Crime Types by bubble size colored by type of incident.

4. Bubble Chart

Scatter Chart contrasting number of Incident by Weapon and Predicted Warrants issued. Since they are all on a straight line there seems to be a correlation and no outliers.

5. # of incidents by Month

A vertical Bar Chard showing Offenses during the year.

6. Heat Map

Tree Map Charts give you an overview over a broad range of numbers, showing their size in a mosaic like pattern. Colored by type of incident.

7. Side by Side Comparison of Supects and Victims

This chart combines a column chart and a graphical chart split by gender in a nice Matrix Chart. More on these special charts in this Learning Live Session 

Learn more about Reporting and Dashboarding in our Learning Live Sessions about Present 

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