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Is it possible to set up subscriptions with a combination of current and default values selected for a presentation?


For example, if a user wants to create a regular weekly subscription filtered on a specific product, they would filter on this product and select 'current slicer values' on the content selection drop down. But they want the 'week' filter to dynamically change to the most recent week so the subscription is reflecting the most up to date data. Currently the subscription is outputting the same export every week as it is selecting the same week every time.


How can a schedule like this be set up?




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    You can achieve this by populating the date slicer with  a dynamic list create from the dates in your model and make the last item in the list the default for the slicer.

    When the presentation is run or when the subscription is executed, the dynamic list will be generated and the last date selected as the filler. this will move forward with the dates in your model as you desire.

    Hope that helps.


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