Question on How to use Measure Lists and Parameters

I just watched this video: https://community.pyramidanalytics.com/t/x2yy1c4/how-to-use-measure-lists-and-parameters

Thanks for the video, really nice to see all these videos coming out with Pyramid tips.

Is there a way to have a multiselect measure list so that you can select any number of the measures, rather than only selecting one to show in the visual or grid?

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    • 3 mths ago
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    Hi Natalie,

    A Measure parameter does not support multi-select as a parameter in this scenario represents a single measure. 

    A Measure List can hold multiple measures and the approach you could take is to programmatically build up a list of the measures you wish to show in your visual or grid through global parameter inputs.

    In the example above I have created 3 global parameters, one representing each measure I want to be able to include/exclude from my list.

    These parameters are used to create a Measure list ,by using the 'Switch' operation to either choose the measure I want to be added to the list (include) or a calculated measure called '(no measure)' (for the exclude option), this formulate list looks as follows:-


    3 'Switch' operations are used as the inputs for the 'Union' operation. This list can then be used in a discovery or visualization.


    I have placed this example on our Explore server, in the Public Folder / Knowledge Base / Discover / HOW TO: Use parameters to generate a Measure list

    I will add a video and link to this in the community Knowledge base area soon.

    Hope this helps



      • quantenabler
      • 3 mths ago
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       is there a similar approach like this to offer users include/exclude buttons on a discover for list of “dimension” chips??  I have been agonizing over that (and occasionally posting Qs about it)

      • NPANS
      • 2 mths ago
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       there isn't. If you want to switch dimensions via buttons, use different charts in mini-tabs and switch (via actions) using a slicer or parameter.  To improve the effect, hide the tabs of the mini tabs.

      Having said that, users can take advantage of the "SWAP" menu as well.

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