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Ability to see formatting options after formatting a slicer

(This has only been observed in Discovers - it may also apply to Dashboards, but I don't know that for a fact.)

When formatting a slicer in Discover (i.e., right-clicking on the slicer name and selecting "Format"), the formatting panel comes up for the slicer.  This can be done multiple times for multiple slicers.

However, once a slicer is selected for formatting, the user cannot go and select any other category in the formatting panel (Report Title, Data Labels, Plot Area, etc.). That category dropdown is nowhere to be found after having selected a slicer for formatting. The only way to access the formatting panel for the other categories is to exit the Discover completely and re-load the Discover file.

Please provide the ability in Discover to access the remainder of the formatting panel after having selected a slicer for ease-of-use purposes.

Thank you,


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    • AviPerez
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    The formatting panel is object specific. When you're pointing at a slice, report title is not relevant. If you want to see those choices, point at the relevant item - in this case a visual.

    You do not need to get in and out of Discover to disengage the formatting panel. Deselect the slice you are formatting - using the 'format picker' cursor in the toolbox  - and point at the visual to switch it out.

  • Avi Perez I see that selecting the formatting cursor, those other options come up, my apologies. You can close this product idea out. 

    I appreciate the prompt response!

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