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Is it possible to export information produced (in any of discover, publish, present) where the underlying data is visible?


Expanding on this, when, for example, I export a discovery into a Word document, the information is simply exported as a picture and placed into MS Word, leaving no further functionality beyond this.


Is there therefore any way to export and maintain any interactivity with this? Is there a way to export this as a 'data block' rather than just a photo? (This isn't restricted to Word only, I would be happy if this functionality was available in a PDF or PPT).


The simple answer of course would be excel, but due to excel support being removed when exporting, this becomes difficult task to faithfully replicate the formatting each month.


Any input would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you,


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    • Yakov_Shaul
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    Hi  James Dawson ,

    Although its probably in our road map, currently the answer is no.
    The Word, PPT, and PDF all display an image of the data.

    However, export formatted data to Excel should display as formatted data.
    If you experience otherwise, please open a support case at https://support.pyramidanalytics.com or by email to Support@PyramidAnalytics.com and add images and steps of what you did so we can understand if we have an issue there.

    Since the requested to show an actual grid, instead of an image in PDF, Word and PPT, is somewhat of a feature, request I'll proceed to move this question to the ideas category where other users in the community can vote for it.

    Kind Regards,

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