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Is it possible to get preceding 7 days of full week result or filter in Pyramid 2018? For example, when one date is picked, report should show results for the current week (the last 7 days).

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    • vijay_patel
    • 5 yrs ago
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    Steps >>>Create List button >>Then Script Mode >>Then write >>>FUNCTION In script Mode>>

    LastPeriods(7, StrToMember("[Date].[Visit Date].&["+Format(Now(),""yyyyMMdd"")+"]" ))

    This is from current date >>change function according to your date.

    • Yakov_Shaul
    • 5 yrs ago
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    Hi  Suhita Muvvala ,

    You can create a parameter on your dates list.
    This will create a slicer with dates you can select from.

    Once a parameter was created and saved you can use it in a formula of a custom list (Set)

    Although the formula format is different between OLAP datasource and other data sources, in which case we use an internal language we call PQL (pronounced Pre-QL)

    In MDX (using an OLAP cube)

    In PQL (using an IMDB datasource)

    The and result is in the below images.

    If you want, you can take it another step further and instead of the constant number (7), use a global parameter (used to be call variable in BI Office)
    Then in runtime, you can change the number of elements you want to show.

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