I have a gender pie chart with values male female and unknown where I want to insert icons instead of data labels for male female and other which I want that to be dynamic if the value changes for one data label  . i want the image to be optimized as per the value .  Is it possible in illustrate or any other ways ? also can't we add charts inside the illustrate ? 

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    • Lara_Grysczyk
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    You could either use one icon for male and another one for female. Through the settings of show/hide you can display each icon whether the data is derived from male or female. For the actual value that dictates the value it's best to build it's own table that is referenced here. So, if the data is derived from female and it would say female in the reference table, it would be shown otherwise hidden.


    • samuel_alma
    • 1 mth ago
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    A different technique altogether:

    Put a column in your data model that references a URL that references images/icons. Make sure that this column is tagged as an "image URL" column type in the model.

    Then drag this column into your visual and the icons will show up in the legend, tool-tip or axis. (It does not work as a data label though).

    If you then want to apply switching logic to the icon, simply construct a virtual column in the model with logic, or do it via custom columns - as long as the result is a URL address for the image.

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