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We are in the process of converting a legacy system to Pyramid and are facing a challenge regarding long tables over 30K rows.

We don't want to show long table and are looing for a way to load the table in batches / paging.

The legacy system has a paging mechanism that brings the data set to screen in batched relative to the table size on screen and the next batch is controlled via the side scroll, as the user scrolls the next batch is fetched.

What would be the  approach in Pyramid to handle such scenario ?

The tables are in a flat format with multiple columns ( ~20 columns ) and bring back the data  with out aggregation.




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    • Ian_Macdonald
    • 8 mths ago
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    Hi Michael,

    If you're talking about tables in Discover, there is no 'paging' mechanism available, we fetch and display all the records in one go.

    The only option would be to define some kind of start and end set of records parameter and then also have a default next / previous that incremented or decremented the parameters to simulate paging through  a long list.


    • Michael_Raam.1
    • 7 mths ago
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    found this article on the site, still works.



    I'll open a FR for this issue

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