Dashboard Gallery: Population Survey

Dashboard Gallery: Population Survey


This Dashboard on population data based on an open data source has been developed as quick showcase on how to structure and display data in a attractive way. The reduced lay out allows for a fast access to the information.

The Dashboard consists of two pages

High Level Overview by four Categories 

The first page gives you a quick overview on four key data points. Each value is compared to the previous period and displayed by country. The four measures are: total Population, urban population, fertility rate and population density per square kilometer. You can select the year for the analysis by using the buttons (Census Year)


Detailed analysis per country

On the second panel, you can dive deeper into the census data. By choosing one of the Countries, you will see the information displayed in 6 different ways.

  • Map, that is coloured by the number of inhabitants per region.
  • 2x2 KPI display that shows the Key Numbers from the page before.
  • Piechart, giving you the gender split.
  • The second row has a grid with the numbers detailed per region.
  • And finally two bar charts showing the population per age group, left overall and right split by gender.

A display like this could be used on an info screen or embedded into a web page.

For further inquiries on this Dashboard, please leave a comment below.



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